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    Flanders Radically Digital

    “A government that understands you better.” That is the running theme of the digitisation of the Government of Flanders. Our priority is to make it easy to find information or to use a service. Flanders Radically Digital is the collective name for everything the government undertakes with the aim of facilitating the digitisation of the Government of Flanders.

    Nine principles

    We base the digitisation of the Government of Flanders on 9 principles. The main points of focus are the needs of users, attention for those who have difficulty working with a PC, and simplification.  

    Principle 1: digital interactions adapted to the citizen/business
    The government prefers to run as many administrative services as possible via a single unique portal. On any device.

    Principle 2: the government is creating new digital wellbeing
    As the government, we provide the information you need, which is accurate and also up to date.

    Principle 3: the service provisionhe service provision is thoroughly reviewed based on a relationship of trust between the government and its stakeholders
    We are fully committed to simplification. Unnecessary surveillance measures and controls are removed.

    Principle 4: linking and using data to steer policy proactively and to allocate rights/subsidies automatically
    We will interpret and use data in order to implement a better policy. We will automatically grant rights and subsidies where possible.

    Principle 5: don’t ask what you already know
    The government will not ask for information it already has.

    Principle 6: the government lowers its operating costs
    The government will increase its efficiency through the use of what has been developed and managed in other places within the government.

    Principle 7: sufficient focus on those who have difficulty interacting digitally with the government
    As the government, we provide accessible websites and take account of those who have trouble working with a pc.

    Principle 8: information immediately usable and integratable in the business operation of public and private organisations
    The government will open data up for reuse. Citizens and businesses will develop new and better services with this data.

    Principle 9: digital processes transcending administrative levels
    As the government of flanders, we are aiming for efficient cooperation with local and other governments.


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