Webcomponents Version 3

Webcomponents documentation contains rules, guidelines, examples and articles to help designers and developers build websites and applications for the government of Flanders.

Webcomponents version 3 as part of Webplatform

The Webcomponents are part of Webplatform Vlaanderen, our main solution for building new websites, and are used for those applications that do not yet fit in Webplatform. The Webcomponents are therefore restricted in use to those who use Webplatform for publishing information about their products and services, now or in the near future. Please contact the Informatie Vlaanderen service desk for more information.

Service desk of Informatie Vlaanderen

Scoped NPM components for custom builds

All Webcomponents are separate NPM packages to create a custom build.

Clean CSS with BEM notation

Clean selectors for a clean, maintainable and extendable CSS architecture.

Better documentation

Developer-friendly documentation for every component in English.

Accessibility first!

All components, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are optimized for accessibility.