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    Large-scale Reference Database (LRD)

    The Large-scale Reference Database is a geographical information system which serves as a topographical reference for Flanders. It is a common geographical base on which all the users can enter their own data. The Large-scale Reference Database contains only geographical and representative information from easily definable, conventionally accepted reference data: buildings, plots, roads and their layouts, water courses, railways and the highway network.

    These objects are detailed and carefully measured so that the data is usable in a large-scale presentation with a scale range of between 1/250 and 1/5000. A Decree establishes the design, management and access to the Large-scale Reference Database. The Large-scale Reference Database is freely available to everyone.

    View the Large-scale Reference Database (LRD)

    View the Large-scale Reference Database on the Geographical Portal (Geopoint)
    Displays the Large-scale Reference Database, zoomed in on Ghent. Please wait – loading takes a few moments.

    View the status quo of the Large-scale Reference Database

    Report anomalies to the Large-scale Reference Database

    Download the Large-scale Reference Database

    Forward LRD-conforming as-built plans

    Use the LRD web services

    Objects Guide

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